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Caregivers Can Help Seniors Implement Better Lifestyle Habits

Sep 14, 2017 by Erin Couchell

September is Healthy Aging Month - Take time to make some healthy changes!

No matter how old we are, we should always be looking for ways to improve our current health habits and thinking critically about whether our lifestyle is as robust as it can be. Older adults face a number of health-related challenges, but that does not mean they can not find ways to life a healthier life. Caregivers can assist seniors with any changes they are looking to make, helping them live independently and actively.

The following is some healthy living food for thought all older adults should consider:

Regular Exercise

It is really no secret that regular exercise can significantly improve quality of life in older adults. However, many live under the impression that their current disabilities and other health conditions have rendered them unable to exercise. This is simply not the case. With help from caregivers, all seniors can stay active and become healthier.

Healthy Eating

Getting rid of foods that are high in salt, sugar, fat and unhealthy carbs has been shown to have a positive impact on well being and a number of chronic health conditions.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Caregivers can help seniors that have trouble sleeping change their current situation for the better. Most often, sleep issues are rooted in poor night-time habits that many seniors have trouble parting with on their own. With 24 hour home care, many seniors have kicked poor habits and started sleeping a full eight hours each night.

Reduce Stress

There are a number of things each of us can do to reduce stress levels. Of course, what ends up working for some seniors will not work for others. However, there are some activities that do help many people reduce stress levels like walking, socializing or gardening. Reducing stress can have a powerful positive impact, helping seniors live long and productive lives.


Humans are social animals. As such, the loss of social activities is felt hard and can negatively impact quality of life in older adults. The unfortunate fact is that many seniors become less and less socially active as they age as a result of a number of age-related challenges. Caregivers can work with seniors to help them overcome these challenges and get back to enjoying the fruits of independent living. 

Consider caregiving

Getting the help they need can make a major difference in a senior's life. To find out more about how caregivers can help your loved one live a fulfilled life, please give us a call today!


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