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At Home Elder Care and Managing Diabetes During The Holidays

Nov 9, 2017 by Erin Couchell

Professional caregivers can help seniors keep their diabetes in check, safely in their homes

If your loved one has been getting steadily weaker, you may be considering at home elder care and looking into options in your area. However, as we get into the holiday season, there may be another reason to consider at home elder care services sooner than later: your loved one's diabetes.

As we all know, the holidays spell overeating. At the same time, diabetes is a disease kept in check exclusively with dietary restrictions and prescription medication. It is of paramount importance to make sure your loved one follows doctors recommendations to avoid flare-ups and unnecessary hospitalizations.

However, this doesn't your loved one should not have any fun during the holidays. They just have to be smart and plan ahead in order to be able to participate in the festivities.

We talked to at home elder care experts and put together a list of dos and don'ts for keeping diabetes in check this season. Let's take a look:

  • Diabetes-friendly alternatives mean everyone can participate in the feast. Sugar-free cookies and cakes can be just as delicious.
  • Exercise is paramount.
  • Eight hours of sleep a day is a must.
  • No skipping meals.
  • Alcohol consumption should be down to a minimum.

The holidays are a tough time for seniors with diabetes. Holiday meals are an activity seniors can participate in and it helps to keep them active, engaged and socializing with people who matter to them. These are all very meaningful and can make life very much so worth living for many people. There is no reason for your loved one to abstain when the season comes around. But, it is important for them to stay safe.

With help from an at home elder care professional, your loved one can research sugar-free and low-carb recipes and even prepare them for everyone to enjoy. Many people are surprised at how delicious holiday alternatives can turn out to be and the internet is just overflowing with information about healthy eating these days.

At the same time, sticking to a regular schedule while making all the gatherings can be tough for seniors with mobility issues and whose energy is simply not what it used to be. Caregivers can help with each and every one of these issues and make sure your loved one is living life on their own terms.

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