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Elderly Care Providers Offer Tips for Enjoying Holidays Stress-Free

Dec 20, 2017 by Erin Couchell

Help from professional elderly care providers can allow family members stress-free quality time with loved ones

The holiday festivities are all about celebrating life with family and loved ones, sharing gifts, relaxing, and enjoying delicious foods. However, with too many obligations and preparations for the upcoming festivities, things just may become too stressful for some, especially for older adults. To spend the festive season joyfully and stress-free, elderly care in Spartanburg, SC, shares the following tips on stress management during the holidays.

Stick To Your Established Routine

The holiday season can throw us off the track and when this happens, people may feel anxious and stressed. To avoid stress, elderly care advises seniors to maintain their regular routine and continue practicing good sleeping and eating habits.

Stay Active

Staying active is certainly one of the best ways for seniors to manage stress during the holiday season. A daily walk in the park or performing light exercises can be very beneficial for seniors, minimizing stress levels and boosting overall health.

Minimize Alcohol Intake

Drinking alcohol during the holiday feast in moderation is perfectly fine, but drinking too much can interfere with prescribed medication or worsen the symptoms of chronic conditions.

Look On The Bright Side Of Life

Holidays can also make older adults think more often about the ones that are no longer here or about some unsettled business from their past that might be troubling them. Elderly care advises seniors to try to focus only on the positive aspects of their life and acknowledge all the things they can rejoice about.

Share Your Feelings With Loved Ones

If anything is troubling you, do not hesitate to open up and speak about it with the ones you trust the most, whether it is a family member or close friend. Keeping things to yourself can only make you feel more stressed.

Set Time Aside For Yourself

Once the preparations for the holiday celebrations are in motion, seniors may find that they have almost no time for themselves. Elderly care providers suggest that seniors take a break, even for only a couple of minutes, and do something that makes them happy.

Spend Your Money Wisely

During the holidays, it is pretty easy for seniors to lose track of how much money is spent on presents, groceries, home decoration, and other miscellaneous expenditures that can add up. To prevent financial stress, elderly care experts suggest that seniors stick to a viable budget plan when they go holiday shopping.


With these tips, you can spend a happier, healthier, stress-free holiday season surrounded by family and loved ones. 


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