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Most Common Problems with Vision for Seniors & Older Adults

Feb 15, 2018 by Erin Couchell

Home care solutions like safe transportation and mobility assistance promote independence for seniors with vision problems

Vision problems are common among seniors. It is estimated that one-third of Americans develop an issue with vision by the time they turn 65. While vision problems are considered a normal part of aging, not being able to see clearly or having a disease that requires prolonged treatment can prevent older adults from leading an active lifestyle. If your loved one has a vision problem that interferes with their independence, you may want to look into available home care solutions, as they are a suitable option for seniors who need assistance and support to continue with their routine.

In addition to checking home care solutions offered in Spartanburg, SC, it is also important to do a bit of research about common vision problems and talk to your loved one’s doctor in order to determine the best possible course of treatment.

Another point to consider is that not all seniors are willing to open up about vision problems, which can increase not just the risk of health complications but also falls and injuries. If you are not sure if your loved one has problems with vision, this short guide can be of help, introducing you to the most common vision issues in seniors.

Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

Affecting the macula, or the center of the retina, AMD is a condition where vision becomes blurry. As the macula is in charge of acute or sharp vision needed for driving, reading or other activities that cannot be performed properly without sharp or straight ahead vision, AMD needs to be addressed as soon as possible.


Contrary to popular belief, glaucoma is not one condition; it is a group of conditions that affect the optic nerve. Seniors with glaucoma do not have to exhibit any symptoms in the beginning, but the condition can be diagnosed through regular eye check-ups. Treating the condition is necessary as it can lead to blindness. Available treatment options include eye drops, pills, and surgery.


Cataracts are cloudy parts in the lens, developing as a result of aging. They are among the most common causes of poor, blurry or hazy vision among the senior population. Older adults diagnosed with this condition will most likely need to start using contact lenses or glasses. Surgery is often needed and recommended.

Dry Eyes

Dry eyes develop when there are not enough tears to lubricate the eyes. This condition can be treated in several ways, including adding or conserving tears, increasing the production of tears, and treating eyelids or ocular surface inflammation.

Low Vision

If vision problems cannot be treated or managed with the use of medications, glasses or contacts or with surgery, they are then referred to as low vision. Seniors with low vision can improve their quality of life with vision training, low vision devices and aids, and various home care solutions.

To preserve eye health and minimize vision problems, seniors should visit their eye doctor regularly, lead a healthy lifestyle, and opt for top-quality home care solutions.


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