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Signs of Fraud Against Seniors

Homecare services help manage important information to keep seniors safe

It is necessary to keep your senior informed about popular kinds of frauds since each year nearly 25 million American seniors are victims of consumer con artists. Homecare services providers recommend you talk to your parent and make sure they don’t get scammed. Even if your loved one has low income, they can still be a target of a con artist.

One of the most popular frauds is health care scam. It comes in various forms, but the point is that con artists promise seniors one all kinds of health and homecare services. In return, they must receive senior’s personal information. With it, scammers bill Medicare and, naturally, put the money in their pocket. The other popular scam is related to prescription drugs. Many seniors, in order to save some money, buy their medications over the Internet. Some of these drugs have no effect and some of them can make your loved one even sicker.  

Some scammers read the obituaries and then contact the grieving widow claiming that her late husband has an outstanding debt and then extort money from her. It’s necessary to be well informed about the prices of funeral home services, as some of them target unknowing families and add unnecessary charges to their bill.

Some scammers work in the beauty industry. Many older adults want to look younger than they are so they spend a fortune on beauty products. Con artists know that and advertise and sell bogus homeopathic remedies that have no effect whatsoever.

Telemarketing is another kind of most common frauds. Providers of homecare services recommend that you try and explain to your loved one that buying items over the phone isn’t the best option. With so many telemarketing scams out there, your loved one could pay for an item that will never arrive. With no paper trail or face-to-face interaction, these frauds are very difficult to trace.

Some scammers use computer viruses to get the personal information they need. Comfort Keepers of Spartanburg, SC advise you teach your parent how to use a computer and stay safe from these malicious programs.

When they retire, some seniors look for a way to cleverly invest their money. Unfortunately, con artists are aware of that and offer various kinds of investment schemes. They can go from pyramid schemes to complex financial products. Providers of homecare services could warn your loved one about these.

If your senior falls victim to fraud, the best thing to is to call their bank company and cancel any debit or credit cards linked to the stolen account. You should reset the personal identification number, too.

Protecting against fraud provides you and your senior loved one with peace of mind knowing that their assets are safe.

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