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Medication Safety and Management Senior Care Services in Spartanburg, SC

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One of the major challenges seniors living on their own face is medication management. Even if your loved one is receiving assistance from a senior care services professional, they may still find it hard to keep up with their prescription medication schedule independently. If they do not have a live-in caregiver, it may still be up to them to take medication on their own outside of professional supervision.

Medication management and safety is a major highlight of senior care services offered through Comfort Keepers. As seniors get older, many have up to twenty medications to take on a daily basis and cognitive and physical impairments may make it very difficult to keep up. At the same time, missing a dose or taking an incorrect dose may threaten your loved ones health.

Research from the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America shows that over 30% of medication-related hospitalizations are caused by patients who did not take their medication as prescribed. At the same time, American Pharmacists Association research shows that as many as forty percent of older adults who end up in nursing homes got there by not adhering to their prescription medication schedule. As you can see, medication management is incredibly important and prescription medication non-adherence can be life-threatening.

Thankfully, Comfort Keepers has partnered with SafetyChoice to come up with a solution. Our medication management systems remove the guesswork out of keeping up with prescription medications for your loved one. Let's take a look at the medication management senior care services we have to offer at Comfort Keepers in Spartanburg, SC:

Pill Dispenser

The SafetyChoice pill dispenser system is an economical way for your loved one to stay safe when it comes to medication management. The pill dispenser unit has 60 medication cups that can hold as many as 25 pills each. As you can imagine, this system can make even the most complex prescription medication schedules a breeze.


The TabSafe medication system by SafetyChoice was designed with affordability and safety in mind. If your loved one misses a dose, the TabSafe system will alert someone on the client's contact list. If there is no response to the alert, the SafetyChoice® Centralized Monitoring Station will contact your loved one or their caregiver, ensuring safety in the medication management process.


Comfort Keepers® SafetyChoice® MedMinder is a cellular, wireless pillbox that functions as an incredible way to make sure your loved one is staying on track with their prescription medication program. It is easily programmed and locks up after a dose is dispensed to ensure safety.

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